Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Best Bad Movie Awards

Welcome to the first (and probably only) Best Bad Movie Award Show. I am your host PCF and imagine I am talking in a really cheesy announcer voice for the rest of the post. Tonight we will be honoring the guilty pleasure movies that you all know you have. Ready for a movie marathon weekend in? Well, I’ve already compiled the perfect list: all suggested by you, the audience. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry because you’re laughing so hard!

Our first category is, Movies Starring Singers! Vocalist stars always have to try their hand at acting and for every good singer/actor we get, there’s two or three Mariahs and Madonnas. But it makes for good bad movies. And the winner is: Pop Star! Nominated by Ruth Cornell. Here’s what Ruth has to say: “Pop Star. It is horrible. But it is so horrible - writing, acting, plot - that it is wonderfully funny. Plus it stars Aaron Carter....what more could you ask for? PS - everyone should watch it.”

Our next category is, Movies About Small Towns! You know you’ve never heard of them until the movie came out but then you think it’s totally cool if someone is from there. But if you visit it, you find there is nothing to do. Welcome to America! And the winner is: Elizabethtown! Nominated by Jenna Briggs. Here’s what Jenna has to say: “Maybe I'm just biased towards all things Cameron Crowe but I really liked Elizabethtown, even though everyone calls it the poor man's Garden State (which ironically enough, I hated). Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom have zero chemistry, but there are enough quirky little moments and an amazing soundtrack to make the movie worth watching. Added bonus: it's the film where the always adorable Paula Dean makes her big-screen debut.”

They sing, they dance, and they kind of act! Our next category is: The Best Bad Musical! And the winner is: High School Musical. Nominated by Hayley Wiemer. “I absolutely love the High School Musical movies! I don't know what it is, but I love music and the fact that they can sing like they do just blows my mind. I also like the high school kid-like vibe the movie has, and I really enjoy what other people think is lame, predictable story lines with bad acting.”

They’ve been around for ages but now society gives them a new twist, The Best Bad Horror Character Versus Horror Character Movie. You’ve seen Alien vs. Predator, you’ve seen Freddy vs. Jason (and wish you hadn’t) but is there a worst good one? The winner is: Van Helsing! Nominated by Danielle Moss. “Vampire's vs. Werewolves, one or two subplots, fast paced, Hugh Jackman (hot) as Helsing, and in the end it's not the expected he gets the girl (cause she dies) but it's still a happy/bittersweet ending. I guess according to rotten tomatoes the film sucks, but I love it -- Also like Constatine and Underworld, but those got criticized too.”

The Best Bad Purposely Confusing Movie: Lucky # Slevin! Nominated by Greg Myers, “Almost everyone I know loves the movie but the critics gave it terrible reviews for excessive use of background scenery but it was exactly what the critics hated about it is what I loved.” Lucky # Slevin is definitely one of my favorites that does not get enough credit. For the guys it has action, mystery, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freedman, mob bosses, and well for the girls there’s all of that plus Josh Hartnet in a towel.

And now, the award you have all been waiting for. The one we saved for last, The Best Bad Movie You’ve Never Heard Of goes to: *drum roll* Plan 9 From Outer Space! Nominated by Julie Pretzalf, “It's like a B- horror flick from the 50's... combining what would seemingly be the typical horror movie material... vampires, aliens, living dead, the world coming to an end, etc. I don't know if it was made to be bad, but pretty much everyone I know, including the film profs that showed it in class call it bad. Maybe that's why I laughed and enjoyed it so much? Not because it's actually funny in any way, but because it's just so ridiculous?”

That wraps it up for the Probably Never to Be Held Again Best Bad Movie Awards. If you didn’t see your movie up here, complain and maybe I’ll post it, if it is bad enough. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bunch of babies to take candy from.


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