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Just Because it Made Me Smile

Take this Twilight! Ha!

Shows That Died Too Soon

Ever heard of the expression, ‘it is better to have three really good friends than a hundred acquaintances?’ Well the networks haven’t. They would rather have a show that 11 million people watch occasionally than a show that 4 million people would give their right arm for. So I’m giving a shout out to those shows that you thought died too soon, from one fan to another. I’m just going to go cry in the corner, too much potential being wasted by the networks just makes me well up.


“Arrested Development-- awesome cast, funny, original.” Audrey Hyder

“Arrested Development --> It's extremely funny with a very messed up family with the main character being the only "normal" person. I've been known to watch the few seasons over and over again. Ended way too soon (sadness).” Danielle Moss

“I recently discovered the show Arrested Development. I can see how it would have a limited appeal but I found the humor quite hilarious and the dysfunctionality of the family extremely identifiable and enjoyable.” John Buckingham

“I agree that "Arrested Development" was canceled far too early. It was smart and witty on so many levels, from Ron Howard's spot-on narration to all the inside jokes for loyal viewers. It's unfortunate that a brilliant sitcom like this lasted only three seasons while the abomination that is "According to Jim" has entered its EIGHTH year. Coincidence that such a brainless comedy would air during Bush's two terms in office? I don't think so.” Jenna Briggs

Arrested Development
Canceled by: FOX
Lasted: 2 and a half seasons 2003-2006
Update: Movie in the works for next year

Plot: Arrested Development revolves around the Bluth family, a family who use to be rich but through excessive spending and stupid choices are dirt broke. At the center of the show is the relatively honorable Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), who strives to do the right thing and keep his family together, despite their materialism, selfishness, and manipulative natures.

Why it’s awesome: Where to start? People have really been discovering this show since it got canceled and people are very sad that they missed it. Arrested Development uses several elements that are rare for American live-action sitcoms. Like a documentary, it often cuts away abruptly from scenes in order to supplement the narrative with material such as security camera footage, Bluth family photos, website screenshots, and archive films. Flashbacks are also extensively used to show the Bluth family in various stages of their lives. The show does not employ a laugh track, allowing for uninterrupted back-and-forth dialogue and permitting more time for plot development and jokes. An omniscient third-person narrator (producer Ron Howard, uncredited) ties together the multiple plot threads running through each episode, and provides tongue-in-cheek commentary. Wordplay is abundant, for humor and plot; a character may misinterpret an ambiguous phrase with embarrassing or disastrous results. Before cutting to a commercial, the show flashes a white screen instead of the usual black screen. The plot regularly features callbacks to previous episodes and "call-forwards", wherein plots or events will be foreshadowed in subtle ways.

“Everwood-- great characters, dealt with a lot of real issues.” Audrey Hyder

"I'm going to add Everwood to the list. That was such a poignant, well-acted and well-written show, and it was a casualty of the WB merger. How could they possibly have renewed 7th Heaven for an 11th season and not bring back Everwood for a fifth? Fortunately, I got an e-mail from Amazon saying they're *finally* releasing the second season on DVD this year." Kristen Mooney

Canceled by: The WB/UPN merger
Lasted: 4 seasons 2002-2006
Update: 2nd Season *finally* coming to DVD in June

Plot: Everwood tells the story of a widower, Dr Andy Brown, who leaves his successful job as a top Manhattan neurosurgeon to live in a small Colorado town, bringing his 9-year-old daughter Delia and 15-year-old son Ephram with him. He chooses the town of Everwood because his late wife had told him of her emotional attachment to it. Many of the story lines deal with the conflicts of adjusting to a new setting, as well as getting along with new people. Dr. Brown, simply called Andy most of the time, at first finds some animosity towards Dr. Harold Abbott, with whom his professional opinions differ. However, Dr. Abbott's cranky demeanor and Andy's passive, cheerful attitude prove to mesh well and the two begin a friendly rivalry. Ephram continually struggles with his emerging adolescence, his studies as a classical pianist, and his crush on Amy Abbott, Dr. Abbott's daughter. (Summary from Wikipedia)

Why it’s awesome: It dealt with real issues without being too cheesy. The characters were real, life wasn’t easy, and no one was spared from the guilty train. It is one of the few dramas I could actually watch. Too bad The CW picked 7th Heaven over this gem. Well, maybe at least they will bring all the DVDs out now. Thank you ABC Family for replaying the show and bringing it back to life.

Dead Like Me
Canceled by: Showtime 2003-2004
Lasted: 2- half of seasons
Update: Dead Like Me the Movie: Life After Death (Just released in Feb)

Plot: Georgia "George" Lass (ELLEN MUTH) is a young college drop-out who has no job skills and seems unable to take an interest in anything, including her own life. She cultivates an air of cynicism that infuriates her mother, baffles her father, and isolates her younger sister. George is about to get a wake-up call.

With her mother Joy (CYNTHIA STEVENSON) insisting that she get a job, George applies to a temp agency that sends her out as a file clerk. Her lunch break - and her life - are cut short when a toilet seat from the MIR space station drives her into the pavement. George does not realize that she is dead until Rube (MANDY PATINKIN), the kindly leader of a team of grim reapers, points out her remains. Rube takes George under his wing and introduces her to the other members of his undead group: Mason (CALLUM BLUE), Roxy (JASMINE GUY) and Betty (REBECCA GAYHEART).

The members of Rube's team of reapers are all, like George, people who died with unresolved issues. They still have lessons to learn that - for one reason or another - they failed to learn in life. They move about the Pacific Northwest in the full light of day. They walk the city streets and eat at all-night diners, just like anyone else. They have to find somewhere to live, cook, eat and do their laundry. They look just like everyone else but as grim reapers they appear physically different to the living than they did when they were alive.

What George experiences beyond death is the focus of this darkly comedic series. It takes a slightly twisted look at life and at one possible version of life after life. What if death is not the end? What if it is not even an escape from the issues that plagued us? What if it is not a way to avoid accountability, but an opportunity to accept responsibility? What if it is a wake-up call?

Why it’s awesome: It’s a show about grim reapers! It was created by Bryan Fuller who has recently be getting a reputation for being awesome. He also created Pushing Daisies and was in charge of the first season of Heroes. Fuller left the show five episodes into the first season due to creative differences; creative direction of Dead Like Me was then taken over by executive producers John Masius and Stephen Godchaux. It’s funny but it’s a dark kind of funny, definitely one of a kind.

“Tru Calling, Firefly, were both cancelled before their time, definitely include them.” Greg Myers

Tru Calling
Canceled by: FOX
Lasted: 1 and a half seasons 2003-2005
Update: Eliza Dushku now stars in Dollhouse

Plot: Tru Davies, a medical grad student in Boston whose grant is suddenly pulled out from under her, takes a job at a local morgue. There, she discovers that she has the power to "re-live" the previous day over again to help the people who wrongly ended up dead. She uses this gift not only to save lives, but to help her trouble-plagued family - her older sister Meredith, a lawyer and drug addict in denial; and her younger, irresponsible, slacker, gambling brother Harrison. (Summary from IMDB)

Why it’s awesome: Eliza Dushku. She relives days to save lives. Jason Priestly plays her rival/romantic foil. It’s television gold. Too bad they hardly got into the plot before it was canceled. After the season finale of the first season, FOX was almost close to canceling the show but didn't because the ratings in the middle of the first season improved and since its competitor Friends was on their final season, FOX decided to renew this series and give it another chance. The show was canceled by FOX, who thought that the new series "Point Pleasant" (2005) would work better following The O.C. than Tru Calling. Point Pleasant was canceled before finishing its 13 episodes. And people were still really mad that Eliza turned down a Faith spinoff to star in this show. Fan people get really pissed about things like that.

“Firefly! This show was brilliantly written, but not marketed well.” Rachel Radwanski

“I totally agree that Firefly was a show that should have continued until today. Brilliant plot, vibrant characters, etc...” John Buckingham

Canceled by: FOX (sense a pattern?)
Lasted: half of a season and a movie, Serenity 2002-2003
Updated: Joss is working on Dollhouse, Summer Glau is doing The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Nathan Fillion is doing Castle

Plot: Captain Malcom 'Mal' Reynolds is a former galactic war veteran who is the captain of the transport ship "Serenity", Mal his crew of hired transporters, Mal's ensign Zoe Warren, Zoe's husband, pilot Hoban 'Wash' Washburne, muscular former combat soldier Jayne Cobb, young engineer Kaylee Frye, former Alliance medical officer Simon Tamm, his teenage sister River (Both on-the-run from the Interplanetary government "The Alliance"), the beautiful "companion" Inara Serra and religious man Shepard Book do legal or illegal jobs (smuggling, protecting, guns-for-hire, robberies) as the Serenity crew travels across the outskirts of Outer Space for food, money, anything to make a living on, as The Serenity crew tries to stay under the radar of The Alliance and pulls dangerous jobs in the Alliance controlled star systems.

Why it’s awesome: It’s a western in space! It was written by Joss Whedon! It’s funny, it’s dramatic, it’s futuristic. It was killed by tossing around the episodes, switching the nights, killing it eleven episodes in. Fox, can you just have patience? It introduced us to Summer Glau who is now a fanboy goddess.

“Veronica Mars - who's the smartest high school/college detective on television these days? She was so funny, sarcastic, and so entertaining to watch.” Amanda Smith

Veronica Mars
Canceled by: The CW
Lasted: 3 Seasons 2004-2007
Update: A movie is rumored to be in the works

Plot: In a town where there is no middle class, high school student Veronica Mars fights crime one case at a time, and then insults with a witty comment. After her best friend is murdered and her father is removed as county sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune.

Why it’s awesome: It’s clever, well written, and stars the perky Kristen Bell. The ensemble cast works well together and the mystery keeps you coming back for more. Rob Thomas originally shot the pilot to be on a network like Showtime or HBO but when it ended up on UPN, some of the plot lines had to be changed. Even with that, the show still had some controversial storylines.

“R.I.P. Pushing Daisies. The show was really formulaic and I didn't expect it to last a really long time but it definitely went way too soon. the show was so colorful and fairy tale-esque!” Kelsey Parker

“Pushing Daisies! I completely agree. It was somewhat formulaic, but the set designs, costumes, and characters made up for any formula. It was incredibly creative and was way beyond it's competitor's for originality.” Rachel Radwadski

Pushing Daisies
Canceled by: ABC
Lasted: 2 seasons 2007-2009
Update: A comic book is in the works

Plot: Pushing Daisies centers on the life of Ned, a pie-maker gifted with the mysterious ability to bring dead things back to life by touching them. There are some conditions to this somewhat unusual talent. Ned quickly learns that if something is revived for more than exactly one minute, something of similar "life value" in the vicinity drops dead, as a form of balance. Additionally, if he touches the revived person or thing a second time, it falls dead again, this time permanently.
Inheriting his mother's baking talents, Ned becomes a pie-maker who owns a restaurant called "The Pie Hole", which he runs with the help of waitress Olive Snook (Kristen Chenoweth). The restaurant is failing financially when private investigator Emerson Cod accidentally discovers Ned's gift and offers him a proposal: Ned will bring murder victims back to life, inquire about the circumstances of their untimely death, then touch them once more, all before his set limit of sixty seconds is up. Emerson will then solve the case and they will split the reward money for solving the unanswered questions surrounding the death.
The scheme succeeds until they learn that Chuck, whom Ned hasn't seen since childhood, was murdered while on a cruise ship. When her body is shipped back home, Ned revives her, but can't bring himself to allow her to stay dead by touching her a second time. Against his better judgment, Ned allows her to live and the larcenous funeral home director falls dead in her place. Ned and Chuck fall in love again and he brings her home to live with him under the unique circumstances of their never being able to touch each other. Chuck is extraordinarily grateful upon receiving a second chance at life, and as such she starts to appreciate life as a truly precious resource and Ned, witnessing his vivacious beauty's happiness, begins to break out of his lonely shell. Other storylines include Emerson's search for his missing daughter, Olive Snook's love for Ned and friendship with Chuck, and Chuck's aunts trying desperately to get over their dead niece.

Why it’s awesome: Created by Bryan Fuller. Originally set to be a Dead Like Me spin off. Based on a rejected plotline for "Dead Like Me" where Ellen Muth's character couldn't collect any souls because somebody was resurrecting them with a touch. It’s so unique and colorful, very creative. The narration of Jim Dale brings a lot to the show and the whole thing seems very innocent, which is quite difficult when talking about a show about death.

Other Comments:

“The Classic Bugs Bunny. Duh! They don't make cartoons like they used to...that and they need to bring back the OLD Scooby Doos...the new ones don't live up to the old! But really...They need to bring back the classics...Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman...good and clean. And...no offense to all the people that like Desperate Housewives... but it's been on way too long.” Denae Enderle

“Even Stevens-- great characters/actors, really good writing, just a very entertaining show
Lasted too long? Seventh Heaven-- even though I never really watched it, it seems like a lot of the original characters were replaced with new ones.” Audrey Hyder

“Freaks and Geeks-That show was so freaking awesome!” Angela Broz

“I used to like the show freakylinks in high school... and it was cancelled soon after it was started.” Julie Pretzlaff

“Dawson's Creek lasted WAY too long in my opinion. Too much teeny bopper drama and it would take away from the awesome that was Buffy.There was a series of Spider-man in the early 2000s that was shown on MTV. I've been rewatching it on Hulu. I actually thought it was quite good, but it never made it past one season (and a short season at that - only 13 half hour episodes). I thought they had Peter Parker down completely, and Spidey's movements perfect. However, the 3-D animation used for it may have put a majority of people off.” Rachel Radwadski

“As for a series that lasted way too long, I'd have to go with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although I ate in up in all of my nerdiness, I still feel that the plot lost its luster after about the 4th season or so. Neither should they have reincarnated the general Star Trek theme so many times. The new star trek is a travesty. Blech.” John Buckingham

“I always, always loved Daria. It rocked just because the humor was so different, one of the first adult cartoons. I probably shouldn't have been allowed to watch it - but i did, which is probably why I'm a sarcastic tool to this day. I still quote that show. SO funny.” Patrick Yovanov

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Canceled Shows 2008-2009 season

Seasons come and seasons go and sometimes they are gone for good. Here's a list of canceled shows for the 2008-2009 season from Pazsaz Entertainment Network.

Look for my upcoming post on TV shows that were canceled too soon! It will be a blast from your past. It makes me thankful for TV on DVD, actually, when aren't I thankful for TV shows on DVD? Three words: According. To. Jim.


4Real (CW) Ending after seven episodes, final episode on 11/23/2008
Battlestar Galactica (SCI) Ending after four seasons, final episode on 3/20/2009
Boston Legal (ABC) Ending after five seasons, final episode on 12/8/2008
Celebrity Exposé (MNT) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 10/27/2008
Charlie Jade (SCI) Ending after one season, final episode on 10/21/2008
Christina's Court (SYN) Ending after three seasons, final episode on 9/?/2009
Crusoe (NBC) Ending after one season, final episode on 1/31/2009
Dirty Sexy Money (ABC) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 12/17/2008
Do Not Disturb (FOX) Ending after three episodes, final episode on 9/24/2008
Easy Money (CW) Ending after four episodes, final episode on 10/26/2008
Eli Stone (ABC) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 12/20/2008
The Emperor's New School (DSNY) Ended after two seasons, final episode on 11/20/2008
ER (NBC) Ending after fifteen seasons, final episode on 4/2/2009
The Ex List (CBS) Ending after four episodes, final episode on 10/24/2008
Flip That House (TLC) Ending after four seasons, final episode on 10/28/2008
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (CAR)Ending after six seasons, final episode on 5/?/2009
Frank TV (TBS) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 12/23/2008
Greg Behrendt's Wake-Up Call (SOAP) Ending after one season, final episode on 2/12/2009
Haunting Evidence (TRU) Ending after three seasons, final episode on 10/25/2008
Homeland Security USA (ABC) Ending after eight episodes, final episode on 3/10/2009
In Harm's Way (CW) Ending after five episodes, final episode on 10/26/2008
Jail (MNT) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 5/19/2009
Kyle XY (FAM) Ending after three seasons, final episode on 3/16/2009
The L-Word (SHO) Ending after six seasons, final episode on 3/8/2009
Late Night With Conan O'Brien (NBC) Ending after sixteen seasons, final episode on 2/20/2009
Life On Mars (ABC) Ending after one season, final episode on 4/1/2009
Lipstick Jungle (NBC) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 1/9/2009
MADtv (FOX) Ending after fourteen seasons, final episode on 5/?/2009
Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed (MNT) Ending after one season, final episode on 5/18/2009
Masters Of Illusion (MNT) Ending after one season, final episode on 5/18/2009
The Middleman (FAM) Ending after one season, final episode on 9/1/2008
Mind Of Mencia (COM) Ending after four seasons, final episode on 7/23/2008
The Morning Show With Mike & Juliet (SYN) Ending after three seasons, final episode on 6/?/2009
Moral Orel (ASW) Ending after three seasons, final episode on 12/18/2008
My Gym Partner's A Monkey (CAR) Ending after four seasons, final episode on 11/27/2008
My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) Ending after nine episodes, final episode on 12/15/2008
Opportunity Knocks (ABC) Ending after three episodes, final episode on 10/14/2008
Prison Break (FOX) Ending after four seasons, final episode on 5/15/2009
Pushing Daisies (ABC) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 12/17/2008
The Shield (FX) Ending after seven seasons, final episode on 11/25/2008
Shin Chan (ASW) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 12/14/2008
South Of Nowhere (N) Ending after three seasons, final episode on 12/12/2008
Stargate Atlantis (SCI) Ending after five seasons, final episode on 1/9/2009
The Starter Wife (USA) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 12/12/2008
Street Patrol (MNT) Ending after two seasons, final episode on 5/19/2009
Survivorman (DSC) Ending after three seasons, final episode on 12/19/2008
Swingtown (CBS) Ending after one season, final episode on 8/29/2008
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC) Ending after seventeen seasons, final episode on 5/29/2009
The Tony Rock Project (MNT) Ending after one season, final episode on 5/11/2009
Trading Spaces (TLC) Ending after eight seasons, final episode on 12/6/2008
TRL (MTV) Ending after nineteen seasons, final episode on 12/16/2008
Under One Roof (MNT) Ending after one season, final episode on 1/14/2009
Valentine (CW) Ending after four episodes, final episode on 10/26/2008
Vice Squad (MNT) Ending after one season, final episode on 2/3/2009
The World's Funniest Moments (MNT) Ending after one season, final episode on 5/20/2009
The Xtacles (ASW) Ending after two episodes, final episode on 11/9/2008

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Pop Culture Fads of the 90s: Fashion

The 1990s in popular culture is typically referred to as the decade of "anti-fashion".

I like to refer to it as the decade where I look back and gag. Thank goodness I wasn't a teenager in the 90s. Remember when clogs were hot? How about over sized blazers? The 90s, thank goodness they are over, if not for fashion choices alone.


"And grunge? Is this bad or good? Undecided. I don't even know if I'm referring to the music or the fashion, but there it is." Daniel Cody Richmond.

Well Grunge is another word for dirt or soil, does that say anything? Here's what Wikipedia has to say on the issue:

The grunge style which was influenced by grunge music, which achieved mainstream popularity in 1992. Grunge Fashion consisted mostly of plaid, flannel shirts, stonewashed blue jeans, and dark colors. Grunge fashion popularized Doc Martens style shoes and boots, and high top sneakers in red, indigo, forest green, and black. Grunge fashion emphasized long, straight hair. Grunge fashion was a unisex phenomenon. Although the grunge look was considered "anti-fashion", the fashion industry turned the grunge look into a distinct fashion style. The fashion industry began selling such items as plaid hooded sweatshirts, plaid sweatshirt vests, plaid long sleeved t-shirts, and plaid shorts. The "fashion" did not evolve out of a conscious attempt to create an appealing fashion, but due to the inexpensiveness of such clothes and the warmth that they provided for the cold climate of the region. The media, rather than focusing on the music, would give this fashion a heavy amount of exposure. In the early 1990s, the fashion industry marketed "grunge fashion" to a widespread audience, charging relatively high prices for clothing that they assumed to be popular in the grunge scene. Similarly, the media would view grunge as a whole culture, assuming it to be Generation X's attempt to create a culture similar to the hippie counterculture of the previous generation.


"Scrunchies, especially the big ones. I used to wear those all the time." Audrey Hyder

If you were a female child of the 90s, you had scrunchies. It was a given. But the bigger your scrunchies the cooler you were.

"Homemade scrunchies with puffy paint!" Kayla Scheuffler

And yes, you could make your own scrunchies! I use to make scrunchie after scrunchie and there is no way I would ever need all those scrunchies but that's what you did as a girl in the 90s. And then you wore them. And that's a sad story within itself.


"Skirt Pants. Every girl in my middle school had a pair of these in the 90s.I have to admit, I still think they look pretty cool. Sadly, I haven't owned a pair since 1998! I think everyone bought them at Limited Too!" Alexzandra Spatopolis

I never owned a pair of skirt-pants. I never seen anyone wear skirt-pants. But there have been stories, and I have been scared.

I couldn't find anything on skirt-pants except for pictures. Yes! They do exist. But maybe we're just trying to move past the pain or maybe were trying to forget. Either way, skirt-pants seem to be a thing of the past, for now.

Decorate Your Own Sweatshirts

"Sweatshirts with iron-on pictures and puffy paint! Love it." Kayla Scheuffler

"Oh, definitely the decorated sweatshirts. Especially when paired with the matching leggings, stirrup leggings." Ruth Cornell

Creativity, what a wonderful idea. Too bad the people of the 90s decided to wear it. Can you imagine seeing someone wearing these now? Fashion, it's a crazy, crazy thing.

Other Fashion Fads that we love to hate or hate to love.

"Slip dress with hiking boots - worst fad of the 90s." Rachel Radwanski
"Slap bracelets." Alaina Marie
"Neon colored spandex shorts." Kayla Scheuffler

Fads come and go, but you'll always be close to my heart no matter what you wear (as long as it's not the decorate your own sweatshirt, we have to draw the line somewhere.)


Pop Culture Fads of the 90s: Toys

Toys! Remember the 90s? Remember fads? Then you are going to love this post! We're playing the 'remember when' game and you are our first contestant. See if you remember these fads, bonus points if you use to or still own (I don't judge, at least not to your face) some of these toys.

Pogs is a game that was popular from the early to late 1990s. The word "pog" also refers to the discs used to play the game. The name originates from POG, a brand of juice made from passionfruit, orange and guava; the use of the POG bottle caps to play the game pre-dated the game's commercialization. The game of pogs originated in Hawaii in the 1920s or 1930s, and returned to popularity when the World POG Federation and the Canada Games Company reintroduced them to the public in the 1990s.
The game can be played by two or more players. Each has their own collection of pogs and a slammer (a heavier game piece). Before the game, players decide whether to play 'for keeps', or not. 'For keeps' implies that the players keep the POGs that they win, and forfeit those that have been won by other players. Finally, the game can begin as followed:
The players each contribute an equal number of pogs to build a stack with the pieces facing down, which will be used during the game. The players take turns throwing their slammer down onto the top of the stack, causing it to spring up and the POGs to scatter.
Often, a special juke is used by the defender to prevent the slammer from overturning more pogs. Jukes include screaming, taunting the opponent, waving hands, slapping, or other distracting moves.
Each player keeps any POGs that land 'face up' after their throw
This was suggested by simply the shout POGS!! It brings joy to hearts everywhere I guess. I don't remember how I learned about Pogs and I don't know where I got them, but I had a lot. Any one like to share their experience with Pogs, I am interested?
Amanda Smith: "Skip-It was pretty entertaining!"
Yes, yes it was. Skipping for hours upon hours over a ball tied to a rope attatched to your foot. Wow those marketers really got us on that one. But admit it, you had a Skip-It, I had a Skip-It, we all had Skip-It. At least until you did it in the house and broke something, then it "mysteriously" disappeared.

Beanie Babies
The original nine Beanie Babies launched in 1993 were Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear (later renamed "Cubbie") and Punchers the Lobster (later renamed "Pinchers"). The line became a phenomenon in the late 90s when Beanie Babies became both a fad and a collectible. Ty decided to stop making Beanies in 1999, however, consumer demand made Ty Warner change his mind. He continues to run Ty Inc. and design new Beanie Babies to this day.

I never really got into the Beanie Baby fad too much simply because my mother refused to buy me a million stuffed animals. But I knew girls who would get every single one of them as soon as they came out until it completely took over their room (you know who I'm talking about). I still have a few, mostly rodents for some reason. The wonderful ability to make any animal look super cute. Honestly, I don't know anyone who didn't have at least one. If you are one of these people, please let it be known to the world, for you are a very special person.
When I watch Clean House on the Style Network, I still see people who think these stuffed animals are worth something. Only in your hearts.
A Furby (plural Furbys or Furbies, according to Tiger. Co.) is an electronic toy, more specifically, a robot, made by Tiger Electronics which went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000. Furby sold 1.8 million units in 1998, 14 million units in 1999, and altogether in its three years of original production, Furby sold over 40 million units, and its speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages. Furbys were the first successful attempt to produce and sell a domestically-aimed robot. A newly purchased Furby starts out speaking entirely Furbish, the unique language that all Furbys use, but are programmed to speak less Furbish as they learn more English. The more English they learn, the more they "grow", thus placing them under the autonomous robot category.
Furbies always creeped me out! Still to this day creep me out! And when Kristen submitted me this idea even she said she was creeped out. It's a cool idea, but why in the heck did they have to make it so creepy? I am so glad these aren't popular any more.
Giga Pets/Tamagotchi
Giga Pets are a series of virtual pets. They were first created and released in 1997. The first Giga Pets included the Bit Critter, Compu Kitty, Digital Doggie, and Micro Chimp. Baby T-Rex and Virtual Alien were added shortly after, with Komputer Koala and Floppy Frog following. The latter of which became a rare collector's item, and is widely regarded as the best Giga Pet ever made. Floppy Frogs have been known to be sold on eBay for up to 28 dollars. When Tiger Electronics decided to release a new line of pets, they called them Giga Friends. These included such pets as the Salem the Cat giga pet, Looney Tunes, Giga Farm, and various Star Wars characters, among others.
The Tamagotchi is a handheld digital pet created in 1996. The Tamagotchi is housed in a small and simple egg-shaped computer. Three buttons (A, B, and C) allow the user to select and perform an activity, including:
Feeding the Tamagotchi a piece of food or a snack.
Playing games with the Tamagotchi.
Cleaning up a Tamagotchi's waste.
Checking its age, discipline, hunger, happiness and other statistics.
Connecting with other friends
Thanks to Kelsey Parker for suggesting Gigipets! "Ireally liked Gigapets. I had a cat that I was pretty attached to and then they banned them in school and poor kitty died."
Rachel Radwanski: "Omg, Gigapets remind me of Tamagotchi! Similar, but not the same thing. I remember having a neon green and pink tamagachi."
Ruth Cornell: "Tamagotchi had the chocolate chip poop that steamed."
I had a 101 Dalmations Gigapet. Oh the good times we had.
Yellow is from Wikipedia

The Best Bad Movie Awards

Welcome to the first (and probably only) Best Bad Movie Award Show. I am your host PCF and imagine I am talking in a really cheesy announcer voice for the rest of the post. Tonight we will be honoring the guilty pleasure movies that you all know you have. Ready for a movie marathon weekend in? Well, I’ve already compiled the perfect list: all suggested by you, the audience. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry because you’re laughing so hard!

Our first category is, Movies Starring Singers! Vocalist stars always have to try their hand at acting and for every good singer/actor we get, there’s two or three Mariahs and Madonnas. But it makes for good bad movies. And the winner is: Pop Star! Nominated by Ruth Cornell. Here’s what Ruth has to say: “Pop Star. It is horrible. But it is so horrible - writing, acting, plot - that it is wonderfully funny. Plus it stars Aaron Carter....what more could you ask for? PS - everyone should watch it.”

Our next category is, Movies About Small Towns! You know you’ve never heard of them until the movie came out but then you think it’s totally cool if someone is from there. But if you visit it, you find there is nothing to do. Welcome to America! And the winner is: Elizabethtown! Nominated by Jenna Briggs. Here’s what Jenna has to say: “Maybe I'm just biased towards all things Cameron Crowe but I really liked Elizabethtown, even though everyone calls it the poor man's Garden State (which ironically enough, I hated). Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom have zero chemistry, but there are enough quirky little moments and an amazing soundtrack to make the movie worth watching. Added bonus: it's the film where the always adorable Paula Dean makes her big-screen debut.”

They sing, they dance, and they kind of act! Our next category is: The Best Bad Musical! And the winner is: High School Musical. Nominated by Hayley Wiemer. “I absolutely love the High School Musical movies! I don't know what it is, but I love music and the fact that they can sing like they do just blows my mind. I also like the high school kid-like vibe the movie has, and I really enjoy what other people think is lame, predictable story lines with bad acting.”

They’ve been around for ages but now society gives them a new twist, The Best Bad Horror Character Versus Horror Character Movie. You’ve seen Alien vs. Predator, you’ve seen Freddy vs. Jason (and wish you hadn’t) but is there a worst good one? The winner is: Van Helsing! Nominated by Danielle Moss. “Vampire's vs. Werewolves, one or two subplots, fast paced, Hugh Jackman (hot) as Helsing, and in the end it's not the expected he gets the girl (cause she dies) but it's still a happy/bittersweet ending. I guess according to rotten tomatoes the film sucks, but I love it -- Also like Constatine and Underworld, but those got criticized too.”

The Best Bad Purposely Confusing Movie: Lucky # Slevin! Nominated by Greg Myers, “Almost everyone I know loves the movie but the critics gave it terrible reviews for excessive use of background scenery but it was exactly what the critics hated about it is what I loved.” Lucky # Slevin is definitely one of my favorites that does not get enough credit. For the guys it has action, mystery, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freedman, mob bosses, and well for the girls there’s all of that plus Josh Hartnet in a towel.

And now, the award you have all been waiting for. The one we saved for last, The Best Bad Movie You’ve Never Heard Of goes to: *drum roll* Plan 9 From Outer Space! Nominated by Julie Pretzalf, “It's like a B- horror flick from the 50's... combining what would seemingly be the typical horror movie material... vampires, aliens, living dead, the world coming to an end, etc. I don't know if it was made to be bad, but pretty much everyone I know, including the film profs that showed it in class call it bad. Maybe that's why I laughed and enjoyed it so much? Not because it's actually funny in any way, but because it's just so ridiculous?”

That wraps it up for the Probably Never to Be Held Again Best Bad Movie Awards. If you didn’t see your movie up here, complain and maybe I’ll post it, if it is bad enough. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bunch of babies to take candy from.