Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favorite Pop Culture Fads of the 90s pt.1

Welcome to the new series, Favorite Pop Culture Fads of the 90s! What was your favorite 90s Pop Culture Fad? Or your least favorite? I don't discriminate.

Our first fad, and one of my personal favorites, Power Rangers!

I still believe if you search closely, you can still find Power Rangers of some kind on TV, but that might just be an urban myth.

Who didn't play Power Rangers on the play ground at recess? I was always Pink Ranger. And although it is completely ridiculous (bad guys out of clay anyone? Any nightmares about your play-dough coming to life and attacking you during the night? No? Just me?) it always kept you coming back for more. Well at least until they changed the cast...

Thanks to Travis for suggesting the video!

It's Morphin' Time!



  1. Power Rangers were after my time and I tried to keep them from my kids' eyes. No luck. My daughter is crazy over them. And the latest, Power Rangers: Jungle Force is still cranking them out.

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